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Aluminum Climbing Tree Stands

Get on up! This Tree Stand offers the best of both worlds... the ability to set it to the height you want and the ease to do that anywhere. So now's the time to find your secret, secluded, hard-to-reach spot. Because you can easily get there with this lightweight tree stand. And when you're there, just place your feet in the safety hoops to help you "climb" the tree. Once you're at your height, the durable aluminum construction, though lightweight, gives you stability you want. And best of all, there are nylon washers at every joint for a silent hunting.

Just fold it flat and use the built-in backpack straps to can carry it off to your favorite, far-off tree. Then once you're there, you can easily ascend the tree up to your desired height.

  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
  • 3-part design cables... cables are run in aluminum extrusions then rubber coated for protection
  • Nylon washers keep Stand from alerting wildlife
  • Comfortable net seat is 21"w., with a customizable depth up to 16"
  • Seat can be pushed out of the way for more room
  • Roomy 27" x 20"w. platform for standing shots
  • Folds flat and has built-in backpack straps for easy transporting
  • Padded armrest and seat bar
  • Comes with 4-pt. safety harness
  • Accessory bag included
  • 300-lb. capacity
  • Weighs only 16 lbs.
  • Imported

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