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Millennium Climbing Tree Stands

I've used climbing sticks almost exclusively for over 15 years and I absolutely love the 20-foot Millennium Climbing Stick. For ease of installation, maneuverability, and safety, it's hard to beat the Millennium.- Paul Moore, Outdoor Writer

I really enjoy the benefits of hunting from my Millennium Double Ladder Stand. Spacious and comfortable, the stand allows my wife and I to spend quality time " together" in the deer woods. The durable construction and ease of assembly, makes me feel confident that I have one of the finest treestands available. Millennium treestands are made with comfort in mind and always allow me to spend an enjoyable day afield.- Mike Lambeth, Outdoor Writer/Photographer
Good to hear from you and I am very well pleased with the Millenium L100 tree stand it is the best built and strongest stand I have used to date. Several of my clients that were there when we put it up were so impressed with it's quality and stability that they stated they were going to order several for their hunting leases back in Georgia.- Judd Cooney, Outfitter
The Millennium M-200 Stick Climber is the best of its type I've ever used, for several reasons. Its four-section 20 feet height is a major advantage, even though I seldom set my stand placement much higher than 12 -14 feet above the ground. Unlike shorter climbing sticks, the extra height allows much easier and safer attachment (and detachment) of the stand to the tree. Due to the steps' design and the M-200's longer attachment arms to the tree, access to and departures from the stand are much easier and safer. Millennium has produced a real winner for those hunters who prefer or have to use non-climbing stands.- Bob McNitt, Contributing Editor, Realtree Camo
"The Millennium stand is the easiest to hang, most comfortable stand to hunt out of I have ever used. When it comes to long sits on stand, nothing comes close" -Jay Gregory, Host of Wild Outdoors
"Comfort is the name of the game here. If you can't sit comfortably all day then you are limiting your chances for success. Millennium stands are the easiest and most comfortable stands I have ever used." - Kevin Blake Weldon, Host of Posted Places TV
Thanks for the opportunity to field test the M1 Climber. Not all climbing stands are "women hunter friendly". The M1 is! I am impressed with it's packability and easy setup. The most notable feature is the unique seat design. Absolutely one of the most comfortable climbing stands on the market. I can sit longer and increase the chances of tagging a deer. When it comes to hunting, "you must be present to win!" The M1 Climber is the ticket!- Tes Randle Jolly, Outdoor Writer
As an outdoor writer I take my hunting seriously, it's how I make a living. When it came time to select tree stands for my hunting property, I wanted ladder stands that were strong, safe, yet comfortable. I selected the Millennium Ladder Stand as there were several features that stood out to me- the ridge ladder with hand holds, stabilizing strap that secures the stand to the tree before you leave the ground, a shooting rail, and a comfortable seat. I now have a full hunting season of experience with my Millennium stands and I am pleased with my decision. - J. Wayne Fears, Outdoor Writer
The M1 Climber is solidly built, safe and well constructed. It's the kind of tree stand you can bet your life on when you go hunting. If you follow all the safety precautions and wear a safety harness, you can hunt safely, enjoy the hunt, and see and take more deer.-

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