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Climbing Gear ShopIf you’re looking for a new way to challenge your body, burn some calories, and relieve some stress, then perhaps climbing is the activity for you. Rock climbing has become increasingly popular over the years, especially since you don’t have to live in the mountain states to participate. Indoor rock climbing gyms and climbing gear are quite easy to come by, and can provide you with the same adventurous experience, minus the fresh air and sunshine.

There are several different types of climbing, so you have some freedom when choosing which one is best for you, unless of course you wish to try all of them! Whichever kind of climbing you choose, Bill Jackson’s has the climbing gear for you.


Bouldering is a practice that involves climbing on rocks, boulders, or other surfaces near the ground. It is ideal for beginners as the fall distance is relatively short and highly complex climbing gear is not required. The fact that it is a safe outdoor sport makes it more attractive to newcomers.

Rope Climbing

To practice rope climbing you need a special chord, a climbing harness, and carabiner (metal loop with a hinged gate used to connect safety components), as well as a climbing partner. A climbing partner’s role is to spot you and manage the climbing rope.

Lead climbing

Just as its name suggests, lead climbing is an activity that involves leading a group. This translates into advancing on the rope while you attach protection. The first person applies protection while climbing, and the latter one removes it.

When it comes to climbing, whether indoor or outdoor, the following saying definitely applies – safety first. Before you can even begin to tackle those walls and rocks, you must be well equipped with the appropriate climbing gear. Here are some additional tips to get you prepared for your climbing excursions:

Knowledge – Make sure that you start climbing with the help of an instructor, guide, or a friend that is an experienced climber.

Stretching – As with any other physical activity, stretching is crucial because it warms up the muscles and prevents injuries and strains.

Duration – Do not climb too often. You should not train more than four days per week because your body needs time to recover.

Equipment – Bill Jackson’s is fully stocked with all of the climbing gear you will need, and our friendly staff can answer any questions you might have about the sport. It is essential that you check your climbing gear regularly to make sure it is still functioning properly.

Clothing – Wear the appropriate footwear and clothing to ensure comfort and avoid injuries. Loose clothing is not ideal because it can get caught between reaches.

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