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Let’s get outside and play from dawn until dusk! Kids will be thrilled and never bored with a themed or traditional playground from Peak Play Environments LTD. They’ll be able to use their imaginations to play the day away.

Themed Play Environments
– When you were a child, did you ever dream about walking with dinosaurs, being a pirate, or having the biggest dollhouse ever? We can create outdoor commercial playgrounds at a community park, outdoor entertainment centre or schoolyard with Themed Concepts, a Minneapolis company that’s written the book on how to build themed playgrounds since 1971. With their extensive inventory, we can create virtually anything you can imagine. We can build sculpted rocks, trees, animal shapes, climb-aboard pirate ships, fairytale castles, sea creatures like a giant octopus, cuddly or realistic animals from mice to bears – any shape that you can imagine we can build. It could be a train engine, a teepee or a volcano. Our themed playgrounds are built out of a durable reinforced concrete product, then coloured to look realistic – or as fanciful as your heart desires.

Traditional Play Environments – Hooray for monkey bars! In addition to our popular themed designs, commercial outdoor playgrounds can come with the traditional structures children and parents love for playing on together, such as swings, slides, decks and climbing components. Peak Play Environments carries Lappset products, from one of the largest and oldest playground companies in the world. Lappset supplies us with a product line very highly respected for its fit, finish, quality, design, function and play value. The intelligent design offers the children who play on this equipment fun opportunities for growth, learning and challenges.

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