Places to Climb Rocks in SF

Outdoor Rock climbing Bay Area

I think there are so many climbers out there who want to climb outdoor, but don't even know how to get started.

And I bet there are many experienced outdoor climbers who would love to introduce more climbers to real rock walls out there!!

We are not just a bunch of climbers. We share knowledge, opinions, ideas, experiences, stories, gears, gear reviews, ropes, water, food. most of all, our love and passion to outdoor climbing... so that there will be more climbers out there climbing safely with solid experiences. Even the experienced climbers gotta keep learning and keep exploring!!

We are not "guides". None of these meetups are guided by professionals except classes. Rock climbing can be dangerous. You're responsible for your own safety. You can go guided climbing trips or take classes though our sponsor, Outdoor Adventure Club with a group discount.

We can plan full weekend long trips, we can plan a quick trip to Beaver St. wall or Glen Canyon, or we can just gather around food and talk about climbing.

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