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1925 Stone Mountain half dollar

1925 Stone Mountain half dollar

The was one of four different commemorative coins issued for the year. The coins were authorized to commemorate the soldiers of the south and recently passed President Warren G. Harding. Ultimately, the former president did not appear on the coin, which instead took focus on two heroes of the south. The obverse of the Stone Mountain Half Dollar features an image of Generals…

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10th Mountain

10th Mountain

The 10th Mountain Division is returning to Colorado. As part of a pilot program linking Army Reserve and National Guard units with active-duty units to improve training, the 730-soldier Colorado National Guard 1st Battalion of the 157th Infantry is aligning with the 10th Mountain Division, marking the first time the historic mountain division will have a presence in Colorado…

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Andean Mountain cat

Andean Mountain cat

HB Length:57-64 cm (22-25″) Tail Length:41-48 cm (16-19″) Height: Appr 36 cm (14″) Weight: Appr 4 kg (8 lbs) Pop. Trend: Decreasing Andean Cats Leopardus jacobita are one of the most beautiful of all wild cats. The fur is mainly ash grey with brown-yellowish blotches that are distributed as vertical lines at both sides of the body, giving the appearance of continuous stripes…

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