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I've never thought that there was much of a difference between rock shoes before I climb with the Solution. It feels like cheating to me to wear those in overhanging climbing. So much easier to climb with these than any other shoes I've tried before.and comfortable too!

Review by Audrey - St Jean Chrysostome, QC

Review for SOLUTION

Out of every La Sportiva shoe that I have tried, the Solution has been the only shoe that I trust in performance. The "robot" shoe features a downturned toe with a cup in the center, allowing a suction cup fit on incut holds. The p3 band allows the Solution to keep the arch of your foot permanately downturned (most downturned shoes will become flat after a couple ofweeks without this band). Lastly, the all rubber heel gives complete control when hooking on aretes or incut holds. The solution performs best when climbing in a roof, but can also handle slightly overhung terrain, or even vertical climbing. When I enter into a pro competition, I always make sure to have the Solution onme. Whatever the terrain, the Solution can handle it.When fitting this shoe, I always downsizea half to full size because the shoe stretches so much. It can adapt to a narrow or wide foot. I have yet to find many flaws in the Solution. It edges, toe hooks, heel hooks, and grabs perfectly. I will continue to use this shoe for every area that Itravel too.

Review by Daniel W. - Boulder, CO

Review for SOLUTION

The Solution to ALL my projects...would be to lose weight and get in better shape. In the meantime, however, I can tell you that these shoes have been great when I applied them to areas Sportiva recommends as ideal terrain.

Review by William G. - Brandford, CT

Review for SOLUTION

To put it flatly, this shoe was the difference between a 12 and a 13. If I ran competitions, it would be banned as a performance enhancer or mandatory to get everyone on the same level. This is the shoe your mother warned you about, no BS, straight business. Put it on, climb, take it off, return to ground, it's not comfortable, it's not sugar coated, its a machine that will make you climb beyond what you thought you could.

Review by Andrew L. - Rutland, VT

Review for SOLUTION

French and Spanish limestone, Maple, American Fork, Rifle, Red River Gorge and in the gym. These have changed the way I can use my feet on this terrain.

Review by Brittany G. - Salt Lake City, UT

Review for SOLUTION

The Solution has that perfect snug fit everyone looks for in a shoe. It's got a heel that stays tight after being broken in, and a toe that doesn't skate around in the gym and outdoors. Surely the solution is my favorite shoe on the market. Not to mention it's got that Sportiva fly to it!

Review by Matty H. - Fort Collins, CO

Review for SOLUTION

Hands down the best aggressive bouldering/steep sport climbing shoe on the market. The edging on these bad boys is incredible, not to mention the killer heel-hook action. I'm on my third pair, let that be the testament. :)

Review by Kyle H. - Oakland, CA

Review for SOLUTION

Best shoe i have ever had! Great for bouldering and sport climbing. The lock harness system is awesome I highly recommend this shoe!!

Review by Brody R. - Essex Junction, VT

Review for SOLUTION

So, let me begin with just the looks, because damn these shoes look really sweet. For the technicals of the shoe, by far the best boulder shoe out there right now. I haven't been able to heel hook like this before until getting the Solutions, and not to mention how the arc is perfection... by far the best shoe I've ever owned. Period. Pick up a pair if you can for sure!

Review by Tyler K. - Hadley, MA

Review for SOLUTION

The best shoe I have ever. Great for heel hooking. Also great fit. They are also great for toe hooking.

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