Mad Rock Flash 2.0 testing at

Mad Rock climbing shoes Review

Credit: Valentine Cullen">

Mad Rock Flash 2.0 testing at Lake Tahoe CA.


The Flash is only average on thin edges, and we experienced a few unexpected slips on really small stuff. The shoe doesn't feel tremendously secure on your foot, and forces your to drop your heel and toe into more of a smearing position to compensate. The 3.8 mm rubber is soft, and though it conforms to fit small spaces well, it does not hold up when you weight the toe. If you want edging machines, check out the higher performance (albeit more expensive) La Sportiva TC Pro or La Sportiva Miura VS.

Crack Climbing

The Flash is decently comfortable in cracks, in spite of the velcro. Because the flat toe keeps your foot in a reactively natural position, it stands well in cracks. It also protects your foot well in jams. This shoe is designed for general climbing, and won't be a complete let down wherever you take it.Madrock M5
  • High performance edging shoe
Shark 2.0

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