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basement climbing wall denver colorado interior designWant to ensure that you have the most in-demand house for play dates and slumber parties? Think beyond typical basement projects like theater rooms and homework spots. If you want to really go wild (like we just did in our own basement), you can even add a fully functioning basement climbing wall.My kids have a lot of energy to burn (well, what kid doesn’t?), so we wanted to add something to our basement that would make it more than just a veg-out spot. Since they are both avid climbers, we quickly struck on a basement climbing wall as a perfect solution. Being an interior designer, I of course still wanted to make it aesthetically appealing.

This isn’t a great DIY project unless your husband happens to be a contractor (as mine fortunately does), since you really don’t want to risk injuries from improper installation. But it’s also not a hugely labor-intensive project. The climbing wall itself is made of stained plywood, and we ran across the floor and up the side wall (where does that wall lead to? Stay tuned for another big reveal next week!). The whole thing is indestructible, and I actually think it looks pretty great too.

We added a good variety of . We drilled extra holes in the wall, too, so that we could mix up the hold placement as the kids get bigger or need a new challenge. This is a good time to call in your rock climbing friends to ask for placement advice. And I did try to work in some more neutral/muted colors to ensure that the wall didn’t clash with the rest of the basement design.

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