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The Evolv Shaman is a great climbing shoe for people with wide feetBuying new climbing shoes can be hard. And stressful. And time-consuming. Let’s face it — overall it’s a tough process.

And for people with wide feet, buying climbing shoes can be even more difficult. You want the best fit to help you send your project or redpoint, but many climbing shoes are narrow and uncomfortable.

So, just for you, here is a list of the best rock climbing shoes for wide feet.

Top Pick: Evolv Shaman

The Evolv Shaman gets our pick as the best wide climbing shoe, and we’re not the only ones speaking highly of it. Designed from the ground up by Chris Sharma, the Shaman won Climbing magazine’s Editor’s Choice award in 2012. What’s more, Kai Lightner, recent winner of the 2015 U.S. Sport Climbing Championships, climbs his hardest stuff in the Shaman.

The La Sportiva Miura VS is a great climbing shoe for wide feetThe Shaman is comfortable given its aggressive nature and the Velcro closure system is well designed for a secure fit. There is also a generous patch of rubber over the toes which helps when pulling toe hooks, and the shoe edges well on overhung terrain.

The main cons of the shoe are that it lacks sensitivity and can be smelly (however, some climbers prefer the lack of sensitivity since it gives their toes more protection). Overall, the Shaman is great for bouldering, gym climbing, and hard sport climbing.

Since Evolv shoes are made out of synthetic leather, we recommend you get the shoe your street shoe size or half a size below since it won’t stretch lengthwise, though it will conform better to the shape of your foot over time.

The Anasazi VCS by Five TenLa Sportiva Option: La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva is consistently ranked as one of the top climbing shoe brands. However, it is also known for having narrow shoes. Nonetheless, there are a few La Sportiva shoes which accommodate moderately wide feet, and the Miura VS is one of those shoes.
In our review of the Miura VS, we gave it a 4.5 / 5 star rating. This shoe does virtually everything well. It edges, smears, and heel hooks as well as any shoe on the market. The only con we could find is that it isn’t the best at toe hooking. It is great for sport climbing and bouldering.

Scarpa BoosticIf you tried on the original Miura and it didn’t fit your feet well, don’t be so quick to discount the Miura VS. Though the two shoes share a similar name, they aren’t the same shoe and they fit quite differently.

For sizing, we recommend you get the shoe 1-1.5 sizes below your street shoe size (in US sizes). It is made out of leather so it will stretch.

Sport Climbing Powerhouse: Five Ten Anasazi VCS

The Five Ten Anasazi VCS is a powerhouse of a sport climbing shoe for people with wide feet. It does virtually every type of sport climbing well — from cracks to faces. Five Ten shoes in general tend to run a little wider in the toe box and the Anasazi VCS is one of the top shoes in the Five Ten line.

Five Ten MoccasymWhen we reviewed the Five Ten Anasazi VCS we found it to be great at edging and smearing. It also has a flat sole which makes it comfortable for how high-performing it is and a top climbing shoe for wide, flat feet. Like the Miura VS, it only lacks real performance when it comes to toe hooking. Overall, it’s a great sport climbing shoe.

The shoe won’t stretch lengthwise so we recommend you get your pair the same size as your street shoe size or half a size below it.

Performance + Comfort: Scarpa Boostic

The Boostic by Scarpa is a top climbing shoe for people with wide feet. What’s more, it’s also incredibly comfortable by climbing shoes standards. Despite being a classically built aggressive shoe designed by the famed Heinz Mariacher with performance in mind, the Boostic will be one of the comfiest climbing shoes you’ve worn after it breaks in.

This Velcro shoe is best at edging and smearing. The asymmetrical toe box lets you get a foot on the tiniest of nubs, and the shoe’s rand helps maintain the downturned build even after countless smears. The shoe used to have a large heel cup which caused problems for many people, but the problem has since been fixed and now many wearers find the heel to fit perfectly.

Like other aggressive shoes, the Scarpa Boostic is best for bouldering and hard sport climbing. We don’t recommend it for crack climbing. For sizing, know that it is made out of a synthetic leather so get your street shoe size or half a size below it and don’t expect them to stretch.

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