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We live in a thrilling world, always up to try new things and enjoy new experiences. Another trend that has attracted people of all age group almost in recent years is hiking and tree climbing. As it not just gives you a blood-rushing experience, but also aids in keeping you physically healthy and fit, in the most fun and enjoyable possible way!

But yes, it is open to the danger of injuries as well. That’s why you need to pick and choose appropriate equipment and tools before starting your adventure to keep yourself maximally secure and injury-proof.

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When you start climbing a tree without proper tree climbing shoes to protect your feet, you are likely to damage your skin, muscles, nails, and it also opens you to the crucial risk of physical damage.

That is why you need the best quality climbing shoes, and this article will help you to identify what you should look for while purchasing them and my hot favorite tree climbing shoes.

Shoes Protect You:

Imagine climbing and stepping in tight branch unions.

Whenever you step into a branch union it is certain that it will squeeze your feet, exerting pressure on muscles causing intense pain.

To protect yourself from this agony, you need a stiff sole to protect your feet.

Tree Climbing Shoes give you massive support, particularly when you are making fast movements, where you are most vulnerable to ankle injuries.

You are also at a chance of getting your foot damaged while climbing skinny trees, so good tree climbing shoes with spikes can keep you safe.

Shoes Give You Strong Grip:

Good quality climbing shoes allow you to walk out on branches.

They keep you from slipping making your climbing experience secure and trouble free.

Most popular soles are made of Vibram as their stiffness ensures stronger grip. They can also be repaired, meaning you can resole the shoe.

Another important consideration is that please don’t use rock climbing shoes or running shoes while climbing trees. They don’t hold up very well and are very risky and dangerous.


First and most important consideration is height.

High-tops sixteen inches (16’’) boots are extraordinary for climbing shafts.

They give reliable and extraordinary protection from self-gaffing and climbing shafts with a considerable measure of fragments.

However boots with height somewhat ten inches (10’’) are considered to be universally handy.

The majority of climbers prefer this tallness since they give you lower leg support, do well with spikes, and will keep a foot ascender set-up.

They are also certain to give you better lower leg support when you venture into tight branch unions.

The third type is the low-top boots, below 10’’. They are futile for spike climbing.


Most reliable and best sole material is Vibram, as it has phenomenal grasping power and is exceptionally rough which helps a lot in maintaining balance and preventing tripping over.

Biggest advantage is that Vibram sole is competent to take a greater deal of abuse and misuse that’s why it lasts for a long period of time.


Quality climbing shoes should have strong steel shanks. A shank will act as a protection from a considerable measure of the beating and flexing made by spike climbing. Most shanks are made with steel yet some are made with fiberglass or Kevlar.

Price Disclaimer

Sport Climbers help and aid you in climbing just like a professional climber. The quality is great and is safe especially for beginners as they aid in tight grip on the tree strand minimizing the chance of injuries and accidents.

It helps in making your experience more secure and less demanding.

Customers have a high satisfaction level, saying that the company did the best in the lowest possible amount of money, which is a huge bonus as its pocket-friendly as compared to other fellow brands but quality is uncompromising.

Another key feature is the protected “Empty V” spike plan which amplifies spike surface zone for a safe chomp with insignificant tree harm.

If you are a beginner and want something to make your adventures safe and sound, give them a shot!

It is labeled as ‘The speediest most straightforward approach to move to your tree stand’, which is true and you won’t be disappointed.

This is the hottest and most favorite on the list, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction level because of its quality features, ANSELF can never go wrong!

These tree climbing shoes are appropriate for shoe size somewhere around 44 and 47, with 12 high-quality manganese steel teeth, with 2.5 mm stainless steel plate, thicker and more secure.

As mentioned above, steel shanks are one of the best and wanted features in climbing shoes; this is what makes it the best!

The product also has a Velcro strap, which provides the easiest putting on and taking off, qualities collaborating with a broad spectrum of games shoes, climbing shoes, and mountain boots, and so on.

Strong spikes guarantee appropriation of weight for dependable solace and strength.

What makes it the best is that it is less expensive than the brands competing in the market (like Kahtoola Microspikes) but the quality is no less. Trust me; this is the best value for your money!

Lixada provides climbing and sports equipment and is known for maintaining cost leadership i.e, staying one step a head in market by providing services at low prices.

Lixada Teeth Claw Crampons are made for shoe-size somewhere around 44 and 47, with 12 high-quality manganese steel teeth, with 2.5mm stainless steel plate, thicker and more secure.

They also have velcro strap for simple putting on and taking off and also has a convey sack. As the details tell, product claims to have much similar and identical features to the Anself climbing shoes, however, these ones are cheaper and therefore, slightly lesser on quality scale.

They are great if you are a beginner and want to try something revolutionary as it has all promising new features at lower cost, but if you are a professional and want something better quality and long-lasting, choose the previous!

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