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New Tribe Progear II Harness

New Tribe Progear II Harness

Big side D rings and a floating roller D on the leg strap bridge. Fixed front tie-in point that closes with a large pear screw link. The leg pads feature extended cushioning at the inner thigh for superior support and comfort. Double-density foam padding on both belt and leg straps provide support, load distribution and long wear. Quick-connect buckles on the adjustable leg straps. The belt pad is 6" wide at the back, tapering to 4” at the front. This Harness is loaded for tool carrying and built for comfort.

Rated: OK Review by: Rich Jamison

“The New Tribe Pro Gear 2 was my third harness that I owned. It is a step up in comfort over a traditional leather but strap saddle, but is not anywhere close to the comfort of a pro harness like the Onyx. The back support tends to ride high, sometimes digging into your ribs while on rope. This is not an issue when using spurs and a flipline though. The leg pads are great, and they do not grab your balls like many other harnesses in this price range.Steel Auto-Locking Carabiner - On Sale My only complaint with the leg straps is that you can't snug them down tight, which means they reposition themselves and you have to readjust. There are plenty of carabiner loops, and some handy slots for saw hangers.

Overall, this would be a good beginners saddle for someone that will spend most of their time in spurs. I do not recommend this saddle for someone climbing SRT, try the Onyx.”

Steel Auto-Locking Carabiner

Sale price limited to stock on hand. First come, first served!

Overstock sales on this auto locking steel carabiner. 50 kN breaking strength.

Slider Pure Carabiner by Edelrid

This handy accessory carabiner has a sliding lock to prevent accidental openings. Ideal for securing key equipment on your harness.

Slider Pure Carabiner by Edelrid - On SaleBucktube Leg Rope Bag

This bag is perfect for crane work. Fits up to 120' of 1/2' line or 150' of 7/16' line. Buckles around top and bottom of lower leg; can also be attached to the back of the saddle with 2 carabiners. Zippered side allows you to load it more easily then zip it up for the ultimate compact rope bag. Heavy duty construction. t webbing stitched along bag seams allows user to change position of elastic straps or can be used for easy storage of accessories. Large grommet on the bottom of the bag allows both ends of rope to be used. Made with 22 oz. vinyl and climbing grade webbing with double reinforced seams. Draw string skirt closure allows for easy deployment and storage while aloft. Measures 7' around x 20' long. Made in the U.S.A.

Oceans' Tether 2.0 for Rope Wrench

The Oceans' Tether 2.0 makes it easy to attach directly to your Hitch Climber pulley for a cleaner, symmetrical climbing setup using an oval carabiner to join the tether, pulley, and harness.

Sierra Hip Belt Only




Most popular lower assembly. Single floating dee ring allows lateral flexibility. 3” padded leg straps for comfort.

Simpson Hip Belt Only


Floating dee ring in a butt strap style. Adjustable leather leg straps. The butt strap does not float in the suspension.

Bucktube Leg Rope Bag - On Sale Oceans' Tether 2.0

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