Socks with Rock climbing shoes

Socks with Rock climbing shoes

I have noticed that hardly anyone wears socks in their rock shoes. Hardly is an understatement. Actually, I may be the only climber on Earth who wears socks. To me, socks make sense. Rock shoes, even expensive ones, are uncomfortable and socks add a bit of cushion and a hygienic layer. Am I wrong to… horizon pro window cleaning.

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Evolve Rock climbing shoes

Evolve Rock climbing shoes

I normally wear a size 6 in shoes and had this climbing shoe in a 5.5. I ordered that same size but for some reason this time it was too small and exchanged for a size 6 and it fits great. The only issue with these shoes in general is they get really stinky with wear, but I know I like the shoe so keep getting it until I find another one I like better. Elektra from Los Angeles…

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Break in climbing shoes

Break in climbing shoes

One of the worst parts of rock climbing can be breaking in a new pair of shoes. Often, climbing shoes can be so painful that taking them off after each route or boulder problem becomes a requirement. Part of this stems from the old-school mentality that climbing shoes have to fit tighter than a crab’s ass. This really isn’t true, and finding a shoe that fits your foot correctly…

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Five Ten climbing shoes

Five Ten climbing shoes

Bringing the same tension, support, comfort and performance, the Anasazi LV is a more low-volume version of our popular Anasazi VCS. The Anasazi’s finely tuned heel cup and asymmetric toe shape combined with a more narrow fit make these the among world’s top-performing edging shoes. A dual Velcro closure system and split-tongue design provides the Anasazi LV with easy-on/easy-off…

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