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Unleashed Climbing was started by Will Watkins in June 2016. Having seen what is available overseas and the selection available in Australia it was clear that there was a large gap to be filled. Why buy from overseas when you can buy from Australia. Its Unleashed's aim to offer indoor climbers and gym owners the chance to buy Australian products which are just as good as our European and American friends. While this does not happen overnight it is our goal to have everybody enjoying and Unleashed experience as soon as possible.

Unleashed Climbing will continue to introduce new ranges and styles of climbing holds and volumes to the market. There will always be something fresh and exciting on the design table.

Unleashed Climbing is looking to bring the European and American style of shaping into the Australian climbing hold market. We want to see the Euro style of climbing holds and setting throughout Australian gyms and develop the young athletes starting off in the sport to their full potential. This is critical for our success and future in this Olympic sport.

Gone are the days of heavy, brittle holds that snap when over tightened. All our climbing holds are manufactured from a durable Polyurethane Resin making them light and strong. The texture is fine but grippy so it wont wear your skin out half way through a hard session. We do recommend light brushing and cleaning regularly to maintain good surface conditions. Most of our climbing holds use Cap headed bolts and have stainless steel washers cast in them. Our low profile sets like the Syke Edges and Fluidity Edges use countersunk bolts to maintain their profile.

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