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Once upon a time, Moosejaw was asked to furnish a group of scientists with expedition gear that they needed to explore a mountainous region of another planet which they had reached through exploiting wormhole technology. We had a full selection of climbing shoes ready to go in the name of science, but then the explorers went in to set up a base camp and were never seen again.

The point is, we have a bunch of new climbing shoes that we can sell at a discount since the widows of the scientists told us to keep the deposit. Getting climbing shoes on sale is great because you get cheap prices without sacrificing quality.

The best climbing shoes are comfortable and provide reliable traction without sacrificing durability. If you are going on a mountain adventure or just hitting up the rock climbing wall at the local gym, having a great pair of shoes that can help your feet really grip onto footholds is not only beneficial to your climbing success, it also can help make sure that you stay safe while you are enjoying one of the most badass sports out there.

Best of all, all of those scientists had different preferences in climbing footwear so you get to have your pick of a variety of the coolest styles and best brands and you don't have to pay premium prices to get your hands on them or your feet in them.

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