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Rock Climbing ShoesPeople have been climbing rocks for survival since the beginning of time, but it is only in the last few decades that rock climbing has reached the peak of popularity. Success in the sport comes largely from experience, strength, and courage. However, having the right equipment, particularly the right rock climbing shoes, is essential for any climber who wants to reach his or her climbing potential. Not all rock climbing shoes are created equal. Buyers should know the types of shoes available in order to choose the pair that will be the most comfortable and best suited to the climbing environment. Buyers should also know how rock climbing shoes should fit, which brands make reliable shoes, and where to buy rock climbing shoes.

Types of Rock Climbing Shoes

There are many ways in which one pair of rock climbing shoes differs from another. The easiest place to start when shopping for rock climbing shoes is with the type of climbing that the shoes are best suited for. There are shoes made for all-day comfort, steep faces, bouldering, and crack climbing.

All-Day Comfort Rock Climbing Shoes

As the name suggests, all-day comfort rock climbing shoes are appropriate to wear over the course of an entire day. Since rock climbing shoes should fit quite snugly, this type of shoe will provide support without pinching to maintain comfort for long climbs. Furthermore, shoes of this kind act as all-purpose rock climbing shoes, which means that they are appropriate for many types of climbing, though they do not offer the very best performance for specialized or extremely difficult climbs. All-day comfort shoes are popular among novice climbers who are not yet ready to commit to buying multiple pairs of rock climbing shoes for different types of climbing. Because they have stiffer soles, all-day comfort rock climbing shoes offer support to new climbers while their muscles develop necessary strength.

Steep Face Rock Climbing Shoes

Once a climber gains more experience, he or she will most likely choose to invest in a pair of shoes that are more suited for a specific climbing style. Steep face rock climbing shoes are made in such a way that they are appropriate for general sport climbing as well as what is known as "trad" or traditional climbing. As compared to all-day comfort shoes, steep face shoes have a more flexible midsole while still offering some stiff support. This combination of textures make steep face shoes work well for both edging, standing with the foot sideways on a foothold, and smearing, putting the sole of the shoe flat against the face of the rock. The shoes also tend to fit a bit more snugly than all-day shoes and will generally not be comfortable enough to wear for more than a couple of hours.

Bouldering Shoes

For very serious climbers who plan to attack difficult climbs, bouldering shoes may be necessary. These shoes tend to have softer soles than other types of rock climbing shoes, which means that the climber can better feel the rock under his or her foot, making it easier to grab hold. The shape of bouldering shoes is also different than the more generic climbing shoes. Since these shoes are intended for difficult climbs, they tend to have an asymmetric design in the toe box, which is meant to concentrate power and strength on the big toe for stability on sheer rock.

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