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This is exactly what I was looking for in a saddle: sliding D attachment, fall arrest for the bucket, light weight and super adjustable. Along with the GT chest harness this is perfect for everything in Arboriculture. The chest harness has a shoulder strap to attach to and tend your hitch climber while using SRT, and a ventral d ring for for fall arrest. The bridge on the Access harness is adjustable for comfort and is interchangeable. The only place for improvement is the front of the leg loops could be adjustable. Other than that, this is my favorite saddle in my 18 years of tree work.

Usually I prefer a nice Buckingham saddle, but after one short climb in the Camp Tree Access I'm almost in love. This lightweight saddle does everything I need it to without feeling like it's in my way. Once it was all adjusted I barely noticed it. With its small size and low price this isn't definitely a saddle worth going after.

I am new to climbing trees. I have done some groud work and watched for some time now wanting to get up in the tree. This sadle is the way to do it. I shoped around mostly for price but found this thing hav lots of fratures for not much money. I especially like the very large pad on the back. I have a bad hip and was concerned how that would all work into the feel of the saddle but I was very wrong. I couldn't be happier. I can wear it aalmost all day without getting sore. My body or my wallet

This harness is a great deal, for the comfort to cost ratio. I enjoy the harness when suspended by the bridge, the side D rings are nice and big for easy install and removal of flipline, however, for me they are a bit further back then I would like. This causes the hips to be squeezed a little more then I am used to, if they were moved forward just and inch or two each it would sit perfect. I ended up removing the shackles and webbing bridge and installed two Petzl rings with Petzl adjustable bridge and absolutely love it. The leg loops ride a bit higher then I would like, this is due to a non adjustable strap that runs from the middle of the waist belt to the leg loops, so it tends to ride up between the legs when you are traversing the canopy. Besides those few things, this is a great harness to start in . Treestuff.com is awesome and got it to me in a very timely manner, I will be ordering all my future equipment from here!

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