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Climbing Harness by MSA and DBI for Cell Tower Climbers

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Cell Tower Climber Harnesses by MSA & DBI

DBI Climbing Harness is offered in the Safety section of our website and catalog along with Tool and Rope Bags, Cable Grabs, Carabiners, Climbing Harnesses, Harness Accessories, Helmets, Lanyards, Positioning, Retracting Climber Lifelines, Rigging, Safety Rope and Climbing Rope, Rope Grabs and Safety Climbs.

* Currently we are not carrying any MSA climbing harness as in past years.

Climbing Harness by DBI complement our Elk River climbing harnesses for Cell tower climbing. Cell tower climbers can choose from the DBI ExoFit XP Tower Climber Harness, DBI ExoFit Tower Climber Harness, ExoFit Nex Harnesses or any of our Elk River cell tower climbing harnesses in the Elk River section.

DBI Climber Harnesses for Cell Tower Climbers

DBI Climbing Harness models for cell tower climbers include DBI ExoFit XP Tower Climber Harness, ExoFit Nex Harnesses and the DBI ExoFit Tower Climber Harness.

Our DBI ExoFit XP Tower Climber Harness is washable harness in which the padding can be removed. It has a seat made of aluminum, quick connect buckles that can be used with one hand and a body belt that contains pad and side rings ( D-Rings). Seat sling is removable as well as pad with D-Rings (suspension). The DBI ExoFit XP Tower Climber Harness has an impact load indicator, spring loaded dorsal D-Ring (stand up) for easy, fast connections, these spring loaded D-Rings are a unique characteristic that Cell Tower climbers like. This harness also has padding throughout targeted for seat, shoulder, leg, hip and back, all part of its Ergonomic design. The padding also uses an X design for donning with no tangle.

Our DBI ExoFit Tower Climbing Harness also has a seat made of aluminum, quick connect buckles for one handed use and a no tangle design so it can don like a vest. The DBI ExoFit Tower Climbing Harness also has an Ergonomic design. This Ergonomic design, which also pads the leg, shoulder and hip area helps this harness stay in place. It also has a connection to attach to the cell tower climbers fall protection system via a Back D-ring, also a front D ring can be used on a ladder safety system.This DBI harness contains a seat sling that has a stiffener, D-Rings (suspension), back padding and belt with D-Rings (side) for better positioning and cushioned padding for a Tower climbers best comfort.

ExoFit Nex Harnesses is a 420 lb. capacity harness with reflective material, spring loaded dorsal D ring and a rip stitch indicator for easy inspection. ExoFit Nex Harness features water repellent webbing, quick connect buckles, molded lanyard keepers, pockets, lightweight aluminum D rings, Velcro joint cover, torso adjuster and trauma straps. This is one fine climbing harness.

DBI Climbing Harness models meets the needs of cell tower climbers everywhere. Look through our electronic catalog, in the climbing harness section. We are sure you will find climbing harness to meet your satisfaction.

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