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In 2014 Beal is coming out with 6 new rock climbing harnesses for the US market, a complete harness line-up. We caught up with Ben Eaton from Liberty Mountain (Beal’s US distributer) to find out the scoop on these new harnesses.

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We wanted to give you a quick rundown of the features you’ll find on these new rock climbing harnesses.

Beal makes the waist belt and leg loops from wider webbing than is used on traditional (bulkier) padded harnesses. This makes them lighter and more packable. In theory, this design also creates more comfort because the wide belt disperses your weight over a larger area, versus all of your weight hanging on a thinner piece of webbing. Beal laser-cuts the webbing which is a quick, cost-effective process, allowing them to keep the price reasonable too.

Beal is also bringing back the double-buckle waist-belt which is almost non-existent today (compare every harness that exists today on WeighMyRack) on all of the harnesses except their sport climbing specific model. They believe that the double waist buckle is worth using to ensure the best and safest fit possible while getting a centered belay loop. Double buckles fell out of favor when companies were looking to strip features that reduced weight.

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