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Footwear Closure

Lace-up: This is the most versatile style. When your feet get hot and swell up, or for walk-off routes, you can loosen the laces. But for a difficult pitch or climb, crank down at the toe and instep to bump up the shoe's performance.

Strap: These closures (also known as "hook-and-loop") offer superior on/off convenience. They are great for bouldering and gym climbing when you want to slip the shoes off between climbs.

Slip-on: Often called slippers, slip-on shoes have elastic closure systems and offer the greatest sensitivity and lowest profile of any shoe. Slippers are fun for training—without a traditionally stiff sole and midsole, your feet will get stronger, faster. Because they don’t have straps or laces, they have a low profile that makes them good for slotting into very thin cracks.

Climbing Shoe Materials

Shoe uppers are either leather or synthetic. Leather shoes (lined and unlined) offer the easiest care, including deodorizing. Many high-performance shoes are synthetic, and many vegetarians and vegans prefer synthetic shoes.

Unlined leather: Unlined leather shoes can stretch up to a full size. Size them so that your toes just touch the end of the shoe, so you can feel (but not see) your toe knuckles pushing against the leather. Be aware that an all-leather shoe tends to bleed shoe colors to your foot.

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