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It all started back in the early 90s when one of the biggest and best climbing gyms in the country, Planet Rock, opened in Pontiac, Michigan. And then not long after a second Planet Rock opened in Ann Arbor, MI. it was early in 2007, brothers; Nick (owner of the gym) and Vincent (wall manager), launched the Detroit Rock Climbing Company to create better and more advanced climbing holds to be used at the gyms. They were so well received that they decided to sell them to others. The DRCC went on to receive high accolades dominate hold reviews in the climbing magazines and on the internet.

Then in 2014 The DRCC closed up shop and all efforts were focused on the design and building of a new even bigger Planet Rock Climbing Gym in Maddison Heights, Michigan. Six months of erecting hundreds of tons of steel and wood in the shape of one of the biggest and best Mega Climbing Gyms in the world it was open for business.

Over that time there were many inquiries as to what would happen to the DRCC. Some even though that we we’re closed for good. But it was agreed that Vincent would carry on the legacy that is the Detroit Rock Climbing Company.

A tireless search lead to a prime location for the new DRCC workshop in beautiful Metro Detroit. Upon reopening for business in September of 2014, we hit the ground running and continue to build up and into the future.

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