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It performs pretty wonderfully, and the appearance is very attractive as well. This shoe pair is a complete package of what you expect from a kids climbing shoe.

First off the color selection is nice and sensible, which makes it a fantastic shoe for both genders.

Also, light blue and orange are a very stunning contrast, so the overall outlook of the shoe is cute and child appropriate.

This shoe has an interesting and unique feature of removable heel cup which makes it quite adjustable regarding size and fit.

The pull tabs are conveniently laid down on the inside area, giving an exceptional soothe and comfort to the wearer.

Another great feature is the velcro strap. I find lace very annoying and nothing less than trouble. So if a shoe offers strap closure, it is a great YES for me. Especially in the case of children shoe, you want something which is less-demanding and convenient so they can quickly put them on and off without your supervision.

Another excellent benefit of this product is that it comes with a DVD. The worth of the DVD is $ 30, but you get it for free with the product which is cool.

Also, your kids will understand the features of the shoe in a better way from the visual aid.

It is a great pick, and your children will love them!

How often you find a climbing shoe for your child which is sturdy and has a cute little Ninja monkey on the top? Not very often, which in itself is a great motivating factor for purchasing it.

It is a remarkable product. The colors are blue and yellow with the black finish; again the combination is appropriate for any gender.

It is a leather made shoe. The leather is a luxurious manufacturing product which assures maximum quality and performance.

The sole is rubber. The quality of sole is excellent which assures great grip and keeps you safe from slipping even on the thinnest surfaces.

This shoe is perfect for indoor activities like the gym to something as challenging as bouldering.

The fit of these shoes is pretty reliable and secure, so my key suggestion while purchasing this product is that be careful while choosing the size.

Anything smaller can be uncomfortable for you and will affect the quality of your climbing.

They are pretty fantastic for all level of climbers, but if your kid is just initiating his climbing journey, I would highly recommend picking this stuff up as it is reliable at a good price tag.

The combination of leather and rubber blesses this shoe with incredible comfort.

Your kid can spend hours wearing this and climb continuously without any discomfort or irritation.

The design also allows ventilation is keeping feet sweat free.

La Sportiva is actually the best when it comes to making the best climbing gear. I love everything that comes from it. Their products are durable and sturdy, and incredibly charming as well.

This shoe pair is fresh and pleasing to look at. Anything colored in green is quite soothing and comforting.

The weight of the product is 112 grams, which is pretty ideal.

For a climbing shoe, especially if they are meant for children they have to be anything but bulky. You do desire something light and convenient.

It is a slip lasted construction, which makes your climbing journey even better and comforting.

The finish is leather, which is pretty excellent quality. It grips onto the surface quite well, and you can depend on this stuff. You will be impressed by how well they grip the stones and walls.

One additional advantage is the ventilation system. It keeps your feet dry and sweat-free for quite a good amount of time.

Even after wearing them for hours, you child will not smell or feel tired at all.

The size dimensions are quite ideal, so they fit well without being uncomfortable or sloppy.

They are very sensibly made, incorporating the features of an adult shoe as well.

They might be slightly expensive as compared to the Mad Rock ones, but I will rank them slightly higher on the quality scale as well.

I love these. Do give them a try.

Everyone who used them loves them. You surely will too.

If you are on a hunt to give your child the best climbing experience, give these a try. You will truly appreciate them.

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