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These come as a set of 12 Small Polyethylene molded Climbing holds.

These come in four slightly different designs, Approximately with dimensions 4″ x 2-1/2″ x 1-/2’’.

The texture is soft and can be easily gripped. The set also has hardware included with it.

These are very attractive they come in many colors rather than just one (looking at a bunch of uniformly colored holds can be very annoying). Also as they are multicolored, and you have them installed on a child climbing rock wall, you can easily guide your child that on which color should he step on next.

They are very less demanding and you can easily install them.

The screws and washers that come with them are robust and sufficiently sized, which will save you from any trouble.

They are high quality and do not change color due to sun rot, the basic complaint that usually customers have from ordinary climbing holds.

These holds come with all the necessary hardware to install them. Also, the manufacturing material is very sturdy plastic which will not break easily and can take an enormous amount of strain.

This truly is great stuff, easy to put together, and super sturdy.

The weld nuts have good teeth that lock into your climbing wall and hold on to it very strongly. Highly recommend it.

This set includes about 20 climbing holds. The manufacturer claims that this can turn any jungle gym to a climber’s dream, and does what it claims to do very well.

This climbing holds set by Squirrel Products includes rocks in five different colors, four rocks in each color which make it twenty in total.

It is a very durable design. Manufacturing material is strong plastic, and design is plain, nothing too fancy that makes it easy to be used.

Each hold comprises of two holes for the metal mounting screws (screws are included in the set) that enable you to grip and firmly hold to the rock climbing wall.

The climbing holds are very less demanding to utilize, hence are perfect for residential purposes.

This set also has the underlying and essential hardware included in it, like 1-1/4″ Galvanized Steel Allen Head Bolt (two per hold), flat washer (one per bolt), weld nuts (one per bolt) to enable installation on a thick surface. So basically it is all in one package, and you don’t have to buy anything separately.

The are made with unique manufacturing techniques so I don’t think they have any parallel present in the market as they come as a complete package and save you from the hassle of buying any tools or hardware separately.

They come in a set of 25 Large Screw on Rock Climbing Holds. The feature that I love about them is that they look EXACTLY like rocks. The realistic

rock- like feel and texture is very attractive. Another reason to prefer it is that it is made from recycled materials, so yes you can be climbing rocks and be doing something useful for the community, all in one!

This holds set is particularly familiar in boy scouts, military, gyms and parents.

Not just that, it comes with a limitless LIFETIME guarantee which means that it is your long-term investment, what else do you want?

People who have used them for years now claim that they are excellent and work perfectly even after years of using them.

They are not like traditional small holds. They are big that enable you to hang exclusively hand holds, doing pull-ups and other arm/hand/finger work.

You can also rotate the holds, dialing in various configurations for each one.

They will be a pleasant addition to your climbing bag!

They feel remarkably real and deliver what they promise to do. Great stuff! Appropriate for all age groups!

Narrowing down my research to just three products was a challenge, but I ensure I chose the best ones for you. Choose one of these if you are struggling with choosing the perfect holds and enjoy climbing!

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