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The NY Kids Club offers coordination & movement classes for infants and toddlers 2 months to 2 years of age which transition directly into our recreational gymnastics, sports, karate, and rock climbing programs for children 3 through 12 years old.

All classes for children 2 to 36 months are adult-participation classes rooted in age-appropriate gross motor development, with original music, puppets, props, educational toys and trampoline time incorporated into each class to provide a well-rounded, fun and educational experience. Students begin with Infant Milestones (2-5 months), and progress to Babies in Motion (5-8 months), Gym Babies (9-13 months), Gym Tots (14-18 months), Gym Kids (19-23 months), and Gym Juniors (24-36 months). Adults participate actively with their children in all classes in order to reap the ultimate benefits for each child enrolled.

From here students can continue with our gymnastics program in Gymnastics I for 2½ - 3½-year-olds or participate in our Sports I class for 2½ - 3½-year-olds. While Gymnastics I introduces students to basic gymnastics skills on the bars, beam, floor and trampoline, the Sports I class exposes children to indoor soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball and tennis activities to increase coordination, speed and agility.

All fitness classes at the NY Kids Club for ages 3 and up are independent participation classes. The gymnastics program follows the official progressions set forth by the United States Association of Gymnastics. Gymnastics II, III and IV build on the fundamental skills learned in our baby/toddler and Gymnastics I gymnastics classes. Here, certified coaches instruct students on all apparatuses. Lessons build upon the strength, flexibility, speed, balance, coordination, power and discipline of every student. Students are trained in a non-competitive, structured and skill-building environment. A genuine sense of independence, pride, confidence and a "can do" attitude are instilled in every student. The gymnastics program culminates with our Gym Club, designed for students interested in making a greater commitment to the sport by attending two sessions per week. Our curriculum focuses on building advanced gymnastics routines on the bars, beam, floor and trampoline, in a supportive, team-building environment.

Our sports program progresses with Sports II for 3½ - 5-year-olds and Sports III for 5 - 6½-year-olds. In both classes, conditioning, relays and drills hone the students’ sport-specific skills. Basic rules of each sport are introduced and the importance of teamwork, cooperation and camaraderie are reinforced.

Dance/TheatreThe karate program includes Karate I for 2½ - 3½-year-olds, Karate II for 3½ - 5-year-olds, Karate III for 5 - 6½-year-olds, and 6½ - 10-year-olds. Students are introduced to the basic fundamentals of karate as they learn proper techniques for kicks, punches and blocks. Classes take place in a safe, structured, fun environment with the goal to enhance students’ coordination, agility, speed and strength and build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline.

Our Rock Climbing program introduces students to rock climbing skills such as rappelling, smearing, blind climbing, and speed climbing. Students are exposed to world geography as they voyage up mountains like Mt. Kilamanjaro, Mt. Everest and Mt. Fuji each week.

Gymnastics Class Progression:
Infant Milestones: 2 - 5 months
Babies in Motion: 5 - 8 months
Gym Babies: 9 - 13 months
Gym Tots: 14 - 18 months
Gym Kids: 19 - 23 months
Gym Juniors: 24 - 36 months
Gymnastics I: 2½ - 3½ years
Gymnastics II: 3½ - 5 years
Gymnastics III: 5 - 6½ years

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