Designed for the female

Pink Rock Climbing harness

For performance at the sport crag, on a multi-pitch route and in the mountains. These high-end technical harnesses have a lightweight, clean and comfortable design, with or without adjustable leg loops.

ADVANCED climbing and mountaineering harnesses

For a regular climbing and mountaineering practice Comfortable harnesses, with or without adjustable leg loops.

DISCOVER climbing and mountaineering harnesses

For an introduction and for occasional climbing, mountaineering or via ferrata. Adjustable harnesses, easy to put on and to use, adaptable for all.

KIDS harnesses

These harnesses for young climbers are adapted to their shape and size. Adjustable and comfortable harnesses for children; they are intuitive for parents to position on the child, and they follow him in his evolution in the sport.

Caving harnesses

For subterranean exploration. Adjustable harnesses that are strong, lightweight and very comfortable. The low attachment point facilitates rope ascents.

Canyoning harness

Designed for aquatic adventures. Solid, non-absorbent materials for lighter weight and greater longevity.

Harness accessories

Accessories that increase the options for carrying equipment on Petzl climbing and mountaineering harnesses.

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