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Mountain Equipment Co-op USA

Pro-deals, decent discount and field courses. Some very inspiring and friendly people working here. Great for outdoor enthusiasts looking to stay in their field.


You will be told that there is room for growth with the co-op, but unless you drink the cool-aid immediately, kiss-ass and/or perform a variety of extra-curricular activities for MEC, I can assure you there is most definitely not. You will work full-time hours, and yet be considered a 'casual' employee(the bottom rung receiving no benefits) for as long as you live. Senior Staff passes the buck on almost every serious question regarding your future and promises for change are almost always broken. There is no job security because they hire 50 people at one time, picking off the staff that aren't their favourites as they go. They strive to focus on sustainability, yet they consistently hire externally for full-time and management positions, leaving the staff that have worked their butts off for years jaded and disgruntled. Mountain Equipment Co-op is nothing like it once was, and they don't deserve the rating given to them on this site.

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