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Mountain Equipment Greenland Jacket

Mountain Equipment is one of the leading outdoor clothing and equipment brands in the UK, and the world. They have been at the forefront of mountaineering now for over 50 years. Mountain Equipment's heritage is such that they have assisted in every British first ascent of a peak over 8000 metres, and been part of over 175 Everest expeditions. Having been around for five decades, Mountain Equipment are trusted to take the world's elite to the most harsh and dangerous places on the planet.

Mountain Equipment is the perfect example of a brand that created by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, and is held together by their passion for the great outdoors. Based in Manchester, we sometimes have problems getting in contact with them as they are frequently out in the Peak District, Lakes or North York Moors, testing out more Mountain Equipment gear and clothing! Consistently winning best in tests for their waterproof jackets, Mountain Equipment have an unequalled reputation when it comes to keeping you dry in the glorious British weather.

We've got an amazing selection of Mountain Equipment clothing here at Webtogs, from waterproofs and insulation to some of the warmest down sleeping bags in the world. Whether you're opening a new route in the Himalayas or going on a day walk closer to home, if you've got the pedigree of Mountain Equipment behind you, rest assured that your kit won't let you down. As you can probably see from our chosen selection of product the Mountain Equipment jackets and gloves are among our favourites from the brand providing exceptional quality and protection from the elements.

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