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Helium Solo:This minimalist top bag combines our He30 fabric with 125g of high quality and ethically sourced 90/10, 725 fill power down. Used in conjunction with a sleeping mat the Helium Solo provides an incredibly light sleeping system for those needing less insulation but demanding the smallest pack size possible. Ideal for travellers and cycle tourists, all of whom who need a sleeping bag which won’t weigh you down.

Helium Trekker :For valley camping and travelling in the Spring and Summer a technical sleeping bag can often be unnecessary equipment. Our Helium Quilt provides an ultra-light and comfortable alternative for those setting off on long continental road trips in search of legendary cliffs or remote hills. With 330g of our high quality and ethically sourced 90/10, 725 fill power down it’s perfect for use in tents, refugios and camper vans wherever your journey takes you to.

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