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This harness was relatively comfortable, but while hanging for an extended time, the reviewer pictured didn't find it quite comfortable enough.

Standing Comfort

Since the last version of this harness, Black Diamond has beefed up the padding quite a bit. Our testers who have used the previous model think that the new one is more comfortable than the last primarily because it feels less stiff and contours to your body better. The internal lining uses a breathable mesh, but the foam just under this breathable mesh doesn't seem to have any holes in it. We're not sure how much this will help keep you dry as foam doesn't breathe at all. One tester even noted that "the ventilation is a bit swampy." This harness feels more sweaty than some of the others we tested, like the Petzl Sama. If you have issues with sweaty harnesses, take a look at the Mammut Ophir 3 Slide that is the same price, a little less comfortable while hanging, but breathes a bit better thanks to a narrower waist belt and perforated foam padding. Black Diamond Momentum SA
  • Speed adjust buckles at waist and legs
Black Diamond Momentum DS

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