Dry Ice Tools ice climbing

Ice climbing Tools

-Weight: 199g (7oz)

Hand made, hand finished replacement pick for ice climbing.

-Pick thickness narrows from 4mm at the pick head to 3mm at the pick’s tip for ease of ice placements and minimal ice displacement

-Ideal pick angle arrived at with input from 25 recrational climbers, 25 guides, and 25 pro climbers

-Smooth top of pick for ease of removing deep ice placements

-Type B rated

-Weight: 180g (6.3oz)

For more visual comparison, check out these pics below:

Ice Pick on Top. Mixed Pick Below.

Detail comparison. Note the differences in thickness at the pick's tip.

Here, the Mixed Pick is on top of the Ice Pick. The hammer and aggressive angle of the mixed pick are clear.

Here. the Ice Pick is on top of the Mixed Pick. The 3.8° difference in pick angle is clear.

Bonus Extra Techy Detail

While the difference in depth between the Ice and Mixed Pick is only .75mm, a tiny amount, the added thickness of the Mixed Pick amounts to a 11.39 sq mm difference in cross sectional area over the Ice Pick at 25mm from the tip. That’s 27.5% more material at the point of highest torque.

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