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We visit some of the best climbing venues in the Blue Mountains offering you the finest climbing training and completing some great classic rock climbs along the way. Each day we sample some of the finest climbs on offer in the Blue Mountains. We combine and extend the contents of our Rock 1 and Rock 2 Courses to bring you four days of concentrated climbing activity and training. This course provides the relative newcomer with a comprehensive rock climbing background. If you are serious about becoming a dedicated rock climber then Rock 3 is for you!

  • Safety on the rock
  • Using climbing equipment
  • Abseiling
  • How to use various footholds & handholds
  • Proper belay technique
  • Route selection and hazard assessment

All technical equipment is supplied as well as highly trained instructors to ensure your adventure is safe, fun and exhilarating.

"Thanks again for a wonderful experience, for giving your time and for sharing your knowledge … "

Phip Stewart, Rock 3 Course participant

"The highest level of professionalism I have come across in the eight years I have been involved in adventure sports! … "

Richard Hall, Rock 3 Course participant

Course Dates & Booking Information

Climber Self Rescue(1 Day Intensive Course)

So you own a mega rack, you've mastered slabs and cracks and you've got your leading honed? Then now is the time to learn some really important climbing skills!

Climbing is great fun when it works like it should! But what happens when it goes wrong? Are you ready? Are you prepared? You've got yourself into trouble, now can you get yourself out? Could you improvise a system to raise an exhausted climbing partner? How about escaping from the belay? Do you know the safest options for retrieving a stuck rope? Can you rescue an unconscious lead climber? You owe it to yourself and your climbing friends to learn these rescue skills!

The ASM Climber's Self-Rescue Course is designed to provide you and your climbing partners with the vital skills required to initiate a Self Rescue in virtually any climbing related scenario. This course is suitable for all climbers, whether you're into sport, adventure, or top-roping, every recreational climber will benefit from this training! Let help you to become a more self-reliant climber.

The subjects covered in the course will include:

  • Rope & Rack - Your Improvised Self-Rescue Kit
  • Useful Knots for Self Rescue
  • Advanced Anchor Workshop - What Holds it all Together
  • Advanced Prussiking - The Latest Skills for Climbers
  • Climber Risk Management - Anticipating and Minimising Risk
  • Escaping The Belay - Getting Free of the Rope System
  • Incident Assessment - Making The Right Decisions
  • Casualty Access - Aiding the Fallen
  • Climber Rescue - Lowering and Raising Systems
  • Training Scenarios -Rescuing The Second / Rescuing The Leader
  • Evacuation - Improvised Carrying Systems
  • Some Essentials - Little Things That Make a Big Difference!
Course Dates & Booking Information

Learn To Lead - Sport Climbing (2 days)

Prior to booking this course, we recommend calling our office on (02) 4782 2014 to ensure that this climbing course is appropriate for you.

Sport climbing is undoubtedly the most popular form of climbing the world over. The thrill and challenge of lead climbing, with the security of pre-placed bolts, allows the climber to push themselves both physically and mentally.

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