Climbing flowers for shade

This perennial climber has slender, blue-green leaves and strings of small, pinkish-purple flowers.

The Dragon's Claw

Dragon claw ivy is also known as 'Curly-Q' and is suitable for a shady cold wall.

Climbing Clusters

The 'schizophragma' is a large, heavy, deciduous climber related to hydrangeas. It has similar foliage and clusters of creamy-white flowers.

Delicate Climber

Vitis coignetiae has dark green leaves that turn a vibrant, saturated red in fall. Sadly, the small, black grapes taste unpleasant.

Ivy Heartiness

This variety of ivy is extremely fast growing with triangular, dark-green leaves that will grow almost anywhere.

Climbing Hydrangea

This wall-climbing variety has large, white flowerheads and leaves that turn from green to gold in fall.

Shade Loving Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle does very well in shade. It produces extremely fragrant flowers followed by small red berries.

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