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Evolv climbing shoes Sizing

JonathanHogue bought "SHAMAN (2016)" on our website

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Evolv has stepped up their game with this new edition of the Shaman!
Evolv has absolutely answered the call for a comfortable, durable and aggressive climbing shoe!!!


I wear a U.S. Mens size 11 in the Nexxo's, the previous Shamans, the Luchador and the Astroman models. Because Evolv designed these with less materials than the former version of the Shaman, it was necessary to size down a half size more then usual. I went with a size 10.5 and they're perfect out of the box! I wear a Men's size 10.5-11 street shoe, so contrary to European climbing shoe sizing, Evolv stays relatively close to what you would wear in a street shoe, versus having to size down so dramatically. In La Sportiva, my former favorite (*Please see Testerossa), I wore a 9.5 in US sizing, which is a far cry from United States born climbing shoe companies. (They tend to keep it close to our street shoe size to avoid confusion, however, with this model I recommend another half size down, as per the manufacturers input and because they run on the larger side of things.)

Out of the box:

These are easily the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. You don't have to sacrifice comfort for performance with Evolv shoes! They are hands down the stickiest I've used in all these years of climbing and have replaced my Nexxo's for hard sport and bouldering. They edge well upside down and perform on vertical terrain like a charm. VERY NICE SHOES!

The new rand design is amazing and looks a lot like the La Sportiva, "Solutions." In my opinion, they are better than both these other leading shoes and I have had BOTH, several times. They even outperform the "Testerossa" from my point of view. The improved rubber is far superior then anything they've put out before!

I highly recommend these to anyone in the climbing world. They are, simply put, the best shoe on the market and its fair to say I've tried them all. They outperform the Testerossa, the Muira, even the Solutions and Scarpa Instinct in my opinion.

Try the Shaman if you're a fan of those shoes and they'll surely replace and out-climb any of the other kicks on the market. And the new style looks as good as you would think. Very good looking pair of climbing shoes!!!

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