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API Outdoors® Alumi-Tech® Bowhunter Climbing Treestand 5 4 4

Excellent buy Bought this for son-in-law. He's used it for two weekends and says it is best stand he's ever used. Delivery was prompt with no problems. Great stand easy to use, light weight and no slippage plus comfortable.

Best Climber on the Market ive had this climber for about 3 years and the best stand ive had.. its so comfortable and it very easy to use and not to mention light weight i hardly notice i have a stand with me.. its very durable and performs amazingly well.. i have had no problems with this stand at all I have used many different climbing stands but this one is by far my favorite. Extremely comfortable for those long sits and as secure as they come. No slippage. This stand is great for those long walks in, packs together well and light. Also the climbing chains make getting up a tree quick, super quiet, and, easy. The only draw back is that it takes good upper body strength to climb safely since all your weight is carried in your arms. Overall i would highly recommend this stand.

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Best Climbing Tree Stands
Best Climbing Tree Stands

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