Best Climbing Tree Stand

Best Climbing Tree Stands

The ongoing debate between climbers and hang-on stands has been a long one. At the end of the day, each has their separate uses and situations where one is better over the other. Some hunters may prefer hang on stands because of how they can adapt to oddly shaped trees and trees with a lot of branches. Climbing tree stands require a more perfect tree to work optimally. However climbers have a few notable advantages that may make them the overall better choice in this debate.

The versatility of a climber is its biggest advantage over hang on stands. Climbers are better for moving spots when you see game that’s close. They are compact, easy to setup and take down and they are light to carry on the move. Taking down a hang on stand and setting it up at a new spot will make too much noise to properly adapt to getting closer to game. Climbers are a great way to switch spots on the fly. Their mobility is second to none.

Also if you’re hunting at night, nothing beats the ease of using a climbing tree stand. Setting up a hang on stand in the dark is just asking for trouble. It’ll take too much of your time and make way too much noise. Climbers really show off their versatility in the dark, allowing you to still move as quietly and quickly as in the day.

Climbers are also significantly more comfortable than hang on stands. Most climbers are designed with seats that have heavy padding. Spending long periods of time waiting becomes notably easier when using a climber. Your back will thank you for the soft support of a seat with a backrest while waiting!

Overall, climbers can fit more situations than hang on stands can. Hang on stands have their uses but climbers are the overall better buy for your money. In terms of quality, mobility and practical features, you can compare the best climbing treestand to the best hang on stand & the climber will have the clear advantage.

The Top 3 Climbing Tree Stands

Now that you know the advantages, here are three of the best climbing tree stands on the market. The following three climbers can be considered the Rolls Royce of climbing stands:

Lone Wolf WIDE “Sit & Climb” Combo II Climbing Tree Stand Review

This Lone Wolf climbing tree stand features a 2-panel, 21″-wide contoured foam seat pad that makes climbing and sitting extremely easy and comfortable. The burden of climbing is eased even more with a full sized platform, measuring 30 x 19 1/2″. This platform has a 350 pound rating and gives you more than enough room for your gear. The Lone Wolf “Sit & Climb” is ideal for climbing tress 6” to 19” in diameter.

Adding to the comfort & convenience The Lone wolf has a bow holder that accommodates most parallel limb bows. Most users praise the Lone Wolf for being a quiet device that can accommodate people of most heights. In addition to this, it folds away to a slim 4″ profile that’s easy to carry.

Users also praise the Lone Wolf for its weight distribution in its folded mode, making it feel like a light 21 pounds. Users have also noted how compact and noiseless the Lone Wolf is in its folded form. The Lone Wolf’s versatility in these areas makes it great for different situations.

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