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Best Climbing Tree stand for bow Hunting

18. Climbing Tree StandSometimes patience is your best attribute when hunting. You find a solid spot, place your bait, and then let your target come to you. In order to make sure you’re out of sight, the best climbing tree stand can put you above the action so you can let time pass in comfort. This type of stand will let you hike to your preferred spot, find a good tree, and then climb it so you can be ready to hunt almost instantly. You might look like an inchworm while doing it, but you’ll give yourself a great chance to come home with filled tags.

The Best Chart for Climbing Tree Stands

Some climbing tree stands are pretty basic, providing you with a metal seat and that’s about it. Others are extremely comfortable, much like a lawn chair, with enough padding to make sure you don’t get sore spots that make you shift and give away your position. We’ve found the most reliable options according to public reviews and put them here in this chart for your consideration.

What Is a Climbing Tree Stand? Why Would I Need One?

Unlike some other tree stand options, a climbing tree stand is made up of two parts. The bottom part is the standing platform, and then above it is the seat. Some seats will have backs on them for added comfort, while others that are more of any entry-level stand let the tree itself act as a rest for your back. A strap normally connects these two parts so hunters don’t get stranded with the bottom falling out, plus the strap system helps to make climbing the tree a bit easier.

In order to use a climbing tree stand, you’ll need to select a tree that has no limbs at all up to the desired height you’ll want to be. Branches are going to prevent you from climbing any higher. For this reason, hunters who are out in old growth forests typically have more success. You could cut off protruding limbs, but that may be prohibited by law.

Then you just work your way up the tree using the angled components of the stand so you literally climb the tree with the stand. To get down, you simply reverse the process. This way you can be a stationary hunter at a prime location without worrying about other hunters accidentally mistaking you as a deer, a bear, or even a duck – it’s been known to happen.

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