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Best Climbing Tree stand 2013

Nice light and easy to use Brought this as my first climber. Very light and easy to use. My 12 year old son climbs the tree in it like a spider monkey. This is a nice climber, but the paint tends to chip off. Camo tape to the rescue. I was very nervous about getting into a climbing stand because of my height and weight where i am over 6, 4 i didn't think that it would be good for me but i was able to climb to about 35 foot in the air with ease and not one slip up and as quiet as can be. i purchased this stand 2 or 3 years ago and it is amazing. i love everything about it. you cant go wrong with the summit viper. only one glitch was that when i brought it home it had been packaged without the carrying straps. other than that, its been flawless

Rock Solid Climber I am a first time climber this stand is well worth the money Rock solid super easy setup super quiet and very light weight. This is a must have will never hunt from a ladder stand again. The only complaint is the seat cushin riped on the bottom seat strap. Trying to get it replaced no word on that yet .

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