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There have been several impressive innovations in the hunting industry over the past several years such as carbon arrows, mechanical broad heads, and scent elimination technology. With that said, the climbing tree stand has revolutionized bow hunting like no other piece of equipment since the compound bow. Climbing stands make it possible to take advantage of your available hunting time by allowing you to combine a scouting trip and an impromptu evening hunt or sneak into a new area at daylight, find a spot, and climb a tree.

In this article we’ll explore some of the factors in choosing the best climbing tree stand for different situations but first let’s look at the advantages of the climbers.

Benefits of Climbers Over Conventional Tree Stands​

  • Light weight and Portable
  • Allows hunters to be mobile in new areas and still have the ability to climb a tree
  • Maintenance is virtually non-existent

I imagine we’ve all shared similar experiences of preseason hunting chores. For example, we can likely all remember balmy September afternoons lugging a bulky homemade hang on stand through the woods, sweat dripping off your forehead, and the stand getting caught on ever bush you pass. Usually you probably had a hunting buddy in tow carrying a ladder, cursing at you, and reminding you with every step how big a favor you owe him.

Perhaps you have a few old ladder stands, including your favorite one that’s nestled in among the cedars and produces deer, year in and year out. You have to do a routine yearly maintenance run on them to check for rotten plywood, spray the red wasp nest, and knock the possum droppings out of the way. Yeah, I still have some of those spots too. Those old permanent stands in our perennial spots definitely have their advantages and are worth maintaining if they are productive.

Climbing Tree Stand Reviews

The following are reviews of the top 5 climbing stands which have been classified into which category they are best used for.​

Best Climbing Tree Stand Overall

Our Rating:

The is my number one choice of climbing stands. This stand comes complete with an adjustable height, reversible surround seat. The reversible seat feature is a plus for the firearms season allowing you to use the tree trunk as a rifle rest. Another benefit would be using the trunk for cover if you’re feeling exposed due to lack of foliage.

Because of the size and comfort it may become your favorite chair, rivaled only by your familiar old recliner that faces the television. The Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity pattern camouflage really makes it a good looking stand and its sure to be the envy of .

The Max SD has more going for it than merely appearance and comfort. It’s one of the sturdiest climbers on the market, constructed of extruded aluminum, all joints are precision fitted to snap together before being welded, a process they call . This extraordinary craftsmanship reduces stress on the weld as well as preventing the aluminum from making a popping noise when the hunter shifts his climbing tree stand for big guys: lone wolf sit and climb combo 2 Summit added an extra channel brace on the platform for a total of six channels for increased strength and safety, making the Max SD a great choice for the big and husky hunter. The end result is a piece of equipment you can have confidence in and rely on.

With the beefed up options of the Max SD you might expect it to weigh like a Buick. Amazingly the total weight is only 23 pounds yet the capacity rating is a whopping 350 pounds. It fits smaller trees from 8” as well as timber with larger trunks up to 20”. The platform is slightly longer than most, just shy of 31” providing the hunter a little added peace of mind as he pivots while at full draw.


  • Strength and durability
  • Reversible seat
  • 350 lbs capacity rating
  • Comfort


  • Not the cheapest (however, you get what you pay for)
  • Overall length of 38" can be a bit awkward to carry

Best Climbing Tree Stand for Bow Hunting

is a good choice for bow hunters that share my aversion to being encircled by a stands safety bar as I draw my bow. I personally find it distracting to worry that the cam or the bottom limb of my bow will come into contact when I release. The Ol’ Man gives you the option to discard the rail and replace it with a curved bar that serves as a foot rest or flip it over and it becomes a rifle rest, included in the purchase price of approximately $185 bucks. Ol Man brand also offers a very similar aluminum version that’s considerably lighter than the steel model but the price is more expensive.

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