Dave Alie reviews the Five Ten

Five Ten climbing shoes

Bringing the same tension, support, comfort and performance, the Anasazi LV is a more low-volume version of our popular Anasazi VCS. The Anasazi’s finely tuned heel cup and asymmetric toe shape combined with a more narrow fit make these the among world’s top-performing edging shoes. A dual Velcro closure system and split-tongue design provides the Anasazi LV with easy-on/easy-off convenience, while the lined synthetic upper ensures the same fit every time. Their durable Stealth® C4™ rubber outsoles are great for climbing on any terrain

  • Stealth® C4™ rubber outsole (2mm)
  • Lined synthetic Cowdura upper – No stretch
  • Double-strand Velcro closure system
  • Asymmetric toe box
  • Split-tongue design
  • Higher heel tension
  • Stiffness – Medium
  • Vegan

Just like the Anasazi VCS (Petroglyph Blue), with a lower total volume and tighter fitting heel, the Anasazi LV is designed to be the most versatile of the Anasazi VCS family. The shoe’s relaxed fit and an asymmetric toe-box makes it fit comfortably even in all-day sessions. Stealth® C4™ blends friction and durability for incredible performance on any surface.

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