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Tree Climbing deer Stands

Stay hidden from prey and stable as you shoot – the right treestand helps you bring home the kill. Look for treestands, >hunting blinds and ladders that are lightweight and versatile. Quick and quiet set-up is essential for every hunter.

Consider the different types of hunting treestands:

  • Ladder treestands are secured to a tree, where the hunter sits atop the ladder stand, spotting prey from a distance
  • Climbing stands are designed for fast, discreet climbing without steps or ladders. These are best suited for wooded areas with tall, straight trees, like birch or oaks
  • Hang-on stands allow the hunter to scale and settle into a large tree at a higher height – hunters who are wary of heights should opt for another kind of stand
  • Tripod and tower stands are ideal for hunting in sparsely wooded areas where a treestand cannot be used. These treestands work best when overlooking large fields, water holes and other vast settings

Find accessories like climbing sticks and stacking sticks. Ensure safety with fitted and comfortable harnesses, ropes and lifeline systems.

Hunters need a secure and comfortable perch that's easy to pack and carry on the move. Safety and functionality are key when selecting your treestand and hunting gear.

Your stand's platform is where you will sit and place hunting equipment. Think about the size and stability of the platform desired. For example, hang-on stands typically offer less platform space than a climbing or tripod stand. The mounting system of your treestand should be compatible with trees that are natural to your hunting environment.

Aluminum and steel are the two most common materials used in the construction of tree stands. Newer carbon materials are lighter in weight than steel and aluminum, yet maintain the same amount of rigidity.

The weight of your tree stand makes a difference. Think about how far you'll need to carry your stand. Weigh the benefits of size vs. heft. A larger stand is more comfortable and lets you hold multiple tools and equipment, but a more compact stand is easier to transport.

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Climbing Tree Stands
Climbing Tree Stands

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