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Spikeless Tree climbing gear

The basics of tree climbing ( tree climbing basics) begin with the rope, harness and carabiner. These are the fundamental pieces of equipment that you will require to climb trees. We recommend that our students not purchase their equipment prior to attending our Basic Tree Climbing Class. The reason for this is simple, we will provide you the opportunity to climb in different types of harnesses and on different types of arborist ropes. Additionally, the “Starter” kits that some suppliers/retailers sell will often contain contain expensive, extraneous equipment that you don’t need. This drives up the cost of getting started and leaves you with a pile of unnecessary gear. Our Basic Tree Climbing Class covers how to select the right gear for your personal climbing style and needs, and how to maintain your tree climbing equipment. Next, we move on to tree selection, so you have the skills to access which trees you should and should not climb. After selecting a safe tree, we move on to how to get your throw line up so you can get your rope into the tree on a reliable limb. This may sound simple but it is something that requires a good deal of practice. Even after you get good at throwing you will have good and bad days. The next phase of our training involves the actual “Tree Climbing.” The basic climbing class focuses on the Double Rope Technique (DRT). This is an environmentally friendly method of spike-less tree climbing that does not harm the tree, and is the primary method of moving up, into and around the canopy of the forest that is used by researchers and professional arborists. The old method of spiked climbing left puncture wounds that made the tree vulnerable to pests and disease. In addition to learning how to climb, we teach “Basic Rescue” so that you have knowledge of rescue techniques for “DRT” climbing.

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