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The Rebellion tree climbing saddle from Buckingham is the newest lightweight rope bridge saddle from Buckingham. It was developed for the professional arborist. It offers the perfect combination of comfort, adjustability, versatility and safety. This hi-vis orange saddle includes attachment points in the front for additional work positioning possibilities. Tree climbers love this versatility usually found on more expensive models like the treeMOTION and Ergovation.

  • Full adjustability at the sides, waist and legs to obtain a custom fit.
  • Ability to change the length of suspension bridge with a bridge adjustment strap.
  • Ability to replace the suspension bridge.
  • 7” wide back pad with ¾” foam to conform to the back for a comfortable fit.
  • 4” wide leg pads with Quick Connect buckles and with the same ¾” foam for conformity and comfort.
  • Moisture wicking Dri-lex for comfortable and cool performance.
  • 2 accessory loops
  • 2 web loops with accessory ring & snap
  • 3 accessory rings for ditty bags or first aid kit.
  • Weighs 5.45 lbs.

Jeff B from MA asked:
Q. Is this saddle a Puma with rigging plates?
The TreeStuff Experts answered:
A. Yes, the Rebellion saddle has the body of a BuckCat/Puma/Viking with rigging plates and a Velocity rope bridge.

4.7 out of 5 star average customer rating based on 22 reviews - See all reviews

First saddle. Very comfortable yet feels very sturdy. I'm glad I invested a little more money on my first with this.

Hands down best product I have gotten so far super impressed and happy with my purchase upgraded from the Weaver d-ring saddle the differences of Wonderful it's like a couch of dreams on my butt makes climbing so much more fun the experience has went up so greatly thank you for being a great reliable place to purchase my tree climbing products treestuff.com

Hands down one of he best saddles on the market for $300!!! I bought this saddle to stop my legs from going numb during long jobs hanging in the air. As an upgrade form a weaver wide back with a leather butt strap and leather leg straps, the difference is beyond day and night, it's like going from a 96 Honda Civic with an exhaust leak and no muffler to a brand new Ford F-350 super duty with turbo and a tuner installed.

I love the legs straps and pads, after you get everything adjusted that is.
My only complaint is that you have to tuck the Velcro around the strap for the leg pad if you're a smaller guy. ( I'm 5' 10" 150 ibs.) but the saddle has beyond exceeded my expectations for both rope and spur climbing. Only way to get a better saddle is to buy a tree motion. There's also plenty of room for gear.
although I would suggest buying a pair of suspenders for when you have he big saws in your side and a storage bag for the back to put your phone, wedges, etc. in.

This saddle gives you freedom to reach in any direction while reaching to makes cuts in the tree. The comfort and padding is a 9 out of 10. For the price it is the best saddle I have owned to this date!

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