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Hi Beth!
Your blog is awesome and I have read through several of your posts on climbing through pregnancy. I also follow you on Instagram and love your mama-climbing lifestyle. ?
Anyways, I was wondering if you used a pregnancy harness and if so what brand? I swear I have read all of the reviews and cannot make up my mind. I am only 13 weeks but I can’t fit my harness anymore. I am wearing my husbands old harness, but know at some point I will grow out of that as well. We plan to have at least a few babies so I am not worried about the investment, but don’t know which one is best. I don’t want to get on some big walls not completing happy with my harness.
Thanks!! ~Kendra

Hi Kendra!

Thanks for your message and congrats on the pregnancy!
I used the Petzl full body harness starting around 18 weeks. I think there are pros and cons to each of them. The Madrock harness is more padded, but doesn’t have a gear loop for cleaning gear. This makes it only really good for climbing in the gym. But, because of the padding, it really helps with the constant lowering that happens in the gym. The Petzl harness is just made out of thick webbing, but has a gear loop. During my pregnancy I only climbed outside, easy, multi pitch routes on top rope after the first trimester. I didn’t really have a need for the padding and the gear loop was key as I didn’t ever really lower or weight it a ton.

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