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Can field mice climb walls?

Photo Credit: Jans CanonMice are known for being especially creative when it comes to invading homes. Many people tell stories of mice climbing walls and ceilings, or jumping across counter tops. It is true that mice do have an impressive repertoire of physical abilities, which allow them to reach unexpected places and fit into spaces that you would never expect, but can they really climb straight up a wall?

As a homeowner you will be more likely to hear mice in your house than see them until there is a real problem.

Unfortunately, mice are able to squeeze into holes about a quarter inch in diameter, and these holes can be in closet spaces and behind appliances where you are unlikely to ever find them. This is slightly larger than the diameter of a pencil, and since the holes are typically along carpeted areas and in corners, you will have a difficult time spotting them without very close inspection.

Once an entryway is found, mice will begin nesting and reproducing quickly, which will only lead to more problems. Aside from the sounds created by mice in your walls, the next biggest signs of their presence will be fecal matter and chewing. Again, because of their ability fit into tiny spaces, they will probably chew the corners off of boxes and cabinets to gain entry, which may not be immediately apparent until its too late.

One of the biggest problems for homeowners is that mice get into the home during initial construction. It is nearly impossible to keep mice out before the house has been completed. There are too many openings, and no way to completely seal every tiny hole around the exterior. As a result, almost all new construction will need to be treated for pests upon completion.

Mice Can Jump

Another problem that many people do not account for is that mice are capable of jumping from the ground onto other surfaces. According to most professionals, mice are able to jump vertically about 13 inches onto tables, shelves or counter tops. This gives them access to areas that you may have thought were out of reach.

If your house has any kind of clutter around, mice will have a perfect platform for jumping and climbing. Even wall-mounted shelves that are independently attached to walls provide a suitable pathways for mice, with or without any support from the ground.

Mice are very versatile animals, and their ability to climb and reach hard to find places makes them very difficult to catch. Homeowners need to be aware of the pathways that they are providing for mice to get around in their homes. Being aware of how mice climb will allow you to better protect your walls from their claws. Keep in mind the cords and other objects in your house that give mice access to areas above your head.

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