Kids Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

Indoor Climbing wall for kids

KIDS and teens

Kids are natural climbers - at AZ on the Rocks they can literally climb the walls! Climbing is a great way for kids to exercise their bodies and their minds.

Parents - bring your kids to AZ on the Rocks and let them burn up some energy while you stay on the ground, in control, and share in their excitement!

After a short orientation, parents learn how to use the climbing rope safely (belaying). Your kids will then be climbing up 30+ foot walls!

Children under age 18 must have a waiver signed by their own parent or guardian prior to climbing. Children under age of 15 must be belayed by an adult, unless specially certified..

Every participant must complete and

sign a waiver form prior to climbing. For individuals under 18, the form must be completed and signed by the person's parent prior to climbing. NO EXCEPTIONS.KIDS PROGRAMS
AZ on the Rocks offers many great kids programs throughout the year to keep the little ones active:
Birthday Parties
Kids Camps
After School Classes
Climbing Team
Scouting Badge Programs
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