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Want to learn to ice climb? The Ice Climbing 101 Course is the ideal way to immerse yourself for three days on an in-depth skills course aimed at teaching you a solid foundation in ice climbing. This course is perfect for the novice ice climber or absolute beginner (we have even had candidates on this course who have never rock climbed before). We base this intensive three day course out of our 22 bed cabin in North Conway in New Hampshire. Here we will start with equipment selection, care and maintenance before moving out onto the ice, starting with proper crampon and ice axe techniques on lower angle terrain and slowly moving on to vertical ice routes.

We will look at many topics and all aspects of ice climbing including ice evaluation, hazard recognition, placing protection and building anchors systems in ice. The guides live at the cabin as well so in the evening after dinner we do short evening lectures.

Topics Covered:

  • Equipment and clothing for ice climbing; selection, proper fitting, use, storage and maintenance
  • Nutrition for ice climbers
  • Ice evaluation, hazard recognition and safety precautions for ice climbers
  • Efficient ice climbing techniques (starting with low angle and moving onto steep ice)
  • Belaying and communication
  • Introduction to placing ice protection and anchors
  • 3 days of stellar ice climbing at different New Hampshire locations!

What’s included:

  • Instructors and all technical ice climbing equipment (plastic boots, ice tools, crampons, etc.)
  • Accommodation with the instructors in a private 10 bedroom, 22 person Chalet in North Conway
  • Full breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks included
  • Some of the best ice you’ve ever climbed!

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