Geologists Climb Into Iceland

Rock climbing in Iceland

Klifurhúsið is an indoor bouldering gym in located in Ármúli 23, 108 Reykjavík

Opening hours
Monday-Thursday 16-22
Friday 16-21
Weekends 11-18


Adult 18 years and younger
Single pass 1100 900
10 times punchcard 9.200 7.000
1 Month 6.300 4.700
3 Months 16.000 12.100
6 Months 26.400 20.000
1 Year 35.200 27.500
Shoe rent 300

About the gym

Our gym is mainly a bouldering gym but we have a small sport climbing wall.

For the bouldering part anyone can start right away, all you need is a comfortable set of gym clothes and climbing shoes. We rent those for a small price of 300 ISK. If it is your first time you can ask the staff member in the reception to give you a short introduction on how to start. We also offer a wide range of courses and we have beginners evenings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 19 o´clock. No registration is needed and they cost 500 ISK on top of the entry fee.

Courses and groups

For kids 5-15 years

We have regular trainings for ages 6-15 years and shorter courses for 5-8 years with parents or guardians.


We have beginners and advanced courses that cover sport climbing and bouldering, and training groups that are suited toward your climbing ability, they are built around climbing grades or in a non climber language – around how hard you climb. So everyone is training with peers which also makes the groups a great way to find a training partner.


We welcome groups both from schools, other sport clubs, birthdays or for workplaces. We offer both bouldering and sport climbing and the prices can be found below. The schedule starts with warm up, safety instructions, climbing for all levels, climbing games and some stretching. The activity is 1 hour and birthday parties can get access to a hall for 1 hour after.

Bouldering: ISK + 700 ISK per participant

Sport climbing:

19.000 ISK + 900 ISK per participant


We have a nice shop where we offer climbing shoes from Five ten and basic climbing equipment from Black Diamond, Metolius, Stubai, Sterling ropes and Beal. We also sell the clubs signature t-shirts and sweaters. We try to have everything for bouldering and sport climbing. Everything from ropes, crash pads, harnesses to chalk. You can check it out in Icelandic if you click above on BÚÐIN or just pay us a visit.

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