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Climbing holds Jugs

Hover Roof Jugs

  • 5 Different Shapes
  • These climbing holds are easy to use on any wall. They even feel incut when they are fastened to a horizontal roof.
  • Like the rest of our holds they are designed to be comfortable on any climbing wall.
  • Climbing shoes are not required.
  • Designed by Steve Dison.
  • To help increase shipping speed, we've decided to keep stock of our most popular colors (Red, Blue, Green & Orange)
  • Orders for Non-Stocked colors will need to be manufactured. Please allow 2-3 days for production.
  • How many grips do I need?
    When creating vertical routes for beginners we recommend using one hold per vertical foot (If your wall is 15 feet high you'll need about 15 grips for one route). If you want to create 3 routes, each one 8 feet high, you'll need about 24 grips.

    To make larger walls climb-able (96 square feet or more) we recommend a minimum of 1 hold per 2 square feet.

    For Toddlers we recommend twice as many (at least 2 grips per vertical foot for each route).

  • Are there any age or weight restrictions?
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